Dads Introduction to Daughter’s Southern Life

Spring finally decided to arrive in Buenos Aires just about the time I had resigned myself that only cold dreary days of winter existed and was having an extended pity party for myself.  I still remember the spring day I arrived here two years ago with 5 of the biggest suitcases available to begin my new “life adventure” in Buenos Aires.  Primavera, the season to fall in love with a new country and begin a new chapter of life oh was I in for the reality check of a lifetime.  The newness of it all:  a new job in a new country where I knew no one and spoke not one word of Spanish (because the rest of the world must speak English right?  HA NO!).  I had no idea where the grocery store was and even if I did I had no idea what the words on the package meant…these Spanish words I learned quickly…a girl must eat.  I got very good at holding money (universal problem solver) and pointing I have no idea how many times I was taken advantage of..haha.  There were days I longed just to hear one word in English, wanted nothing more to explore my new city with someone familiar, and more often than not wished I did not feel so completely overwhelmed.  I was the incredibly naïve red headed North American girl who got on a plane alone to a new adventure totally unprepared with nothing other than courage, a huge sense of adventure and the all important soy innocente look!!!

Fast forward 2 years and look at me now:  I understand the language somewhat, enjoy the culture, actually navigate myself around this chaotic city in a car, have a place to live, made incredibly wonderful friends whom I can’t imagine my life without and know where to find just about anything available in this import restrictive county all while working an extra intense full time job.

When you live and work in a different country it sounds so amazing and romantic in your head but in reality you have just transplanted your ordinary life to some exotic local.  So, I was very excited for my Dads to visit me in my city and to use their visit as an excuse for 10 days to become a tourist in my own city.  Wow is all I can say about our whirlwind 10 day adventure.  I have to thank my dad for “allowing” me to highjack his photos.  He was much better at preserving our times together than I was.

Day 1:  Arrival day, pick them up at the airport and off we go back into the city:  traffic is on good behavior so much less adventure than expected…even when my driving is involved.  Drop their bags off and off to have a quick bite of lunch at Natural Deli.  Well sadly I must abandon them for the afternoon as work meetings beckon me away from my self -imposed stay cay.   Done with work duties and we are off to dinner at my “go to steakhouse”, Cabana Las Lilas in Puerto Madero.  Several hours later I am stuffed with Lomo (Tenderloin), bread and Malbec headed home for some zzzz’s.

1378548_10202248635839773_1545858439_n 20131008_223716

Day 2:  This day was supposed to be the inauguration of my company’s new production facility but due to a sudden illness of president of Argentina, Cristina, the opening had to be postponed.   New plan I will dazzle them with a tour of my playground aka “my lab”.  Yes I know such a science nerd but I love my job and feel so happy in my lab.  Science is super awesome and exciting.

20130307_115838 20131105_184328Followed by lunch with my partners at Café Vetanco look at how exciting their second day in Buenos Aires is!!!!! 


The afternoon was reserved for a bit of sight seeing.  The one thing that daily keeps me calm is living very close to several parks.  The parks are made much more necessary because on every street corner between my apartment and the parks is a bakery with window cases filled of sweet, decadent pastries, tortas and chocolates not to mention the smell of fresh baked breads fills every breeze.  How dangerous is that for my calorie count everyday…but how great it is for my tastebuds.  It’s like living in the middle of a minefield everywhere I turn there is some diet danger lurking.

1377273_10202254126737042_1793673661_n 1377101_10202254496226279_244600925_n

Great idea we should stop, get some pastries, and walk to the park while eating them.  New Rule:  if you walk and eat pastries they are calorie free…YEAH!!!!!  New way to combat diet danger.  Just a little issue of the rain….time out under a tree sheltered from the rain eating pastry.  Perfect way to wait out the storm.


Sunshine is out again moving on….up next translation of all park monuments in Buenos Aires or at least “Sherry Translation”  you know this will be good for several laughs.  Spanglish at its finest.

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Day 3:  This is known as the day the Dads and best friend boarded a plane with Sherry and hoped they wouldn’t be subjected to airport jail.  Good news is we all arrived at Iguazu Falls unscathed.  I was on super good airport behavior and I think as we exited the airport everyone breathed a collective sigh of relief.  Our accommodations were at Iguazu Jungle Lodge a serious of cabins/suites situated seriously in the jungle.  Overall a great small hotel with helpful staff and golf cart rides to your suite.

1384083_10202263601493905_1914170933_n 20131010_174959 20131010_175224 20131010_175357

One small issue of only having one large one bedroom suite available instead of the two booked.  Time to get to know each other cause we will be sharing close cozy quarters for the next few days.  Selfies a great way to pass the time while the Dads figure out the technological devices…ie connect to WiFi.

20131010_162749 20131010_162739

A small snack on our balcony overlooking the jungle before heading off to dinner.

20131010_175414 20131010_175425 1186716_10202260380933393_72143929_n 1380345_10202260373333203_1025165631_n 20131010_180521

I can say the menu was entertaining it took all the language skills Miriam and I had to decode the interestingly translated English menu.

Watch out FiFi they are making stew with you here in Iguazu!!!

Perhaps the Spanish version of the menu will shed some light on what is really in the dishes.

1380522_10202263686016018_1962900154_n 20131010_201057

Life is not complete until you try Fernet and Coke!!!


Day 4:  Up early and off to see Iguazu Falls.  Admission for non-Mercosur foreign tourists is approximately 130 Argentine Pesos (22USD).  As you go past the store selling the rain ponchos take my advice and buy one you will need it.  There are so many words I could use to describe this wonder of the world but perhaps pictures are much more representative and enjoyable.

Also, at almost all the hotels in the city you can arrange for a tour guide for the day.  The cost is very minimal  for the service provided I was very happy with our guide’s services and all the information she provided which I did not know about the area and the falls.

DSC_1918 DSC_1922 DSC_1925 DSC_1926 DSC_1937 DSC_1942 DSC_1949 DSC_1952 DSC_1958 DSC_1981 DSC_2019 DSC_1986 20131011_141023 1377385_10202271562212918_84378166_n

Making new friends…these friends are a bit on the wild side though.

20131011_111759 DSC_1959 DSC_1966 DSC_1970

The exciting and very wet part of the day.  A boat ride directly into the falls.  Seriously into the falls!!!  See all the smiles before we are soaked and the smiles only grew every minute of the ride.

The boat ride can be purchased separately or as part of the Gran Adventure Package which provides fun filled adventures throughout the day.  

20131011_154031 20131011_111525 20131011_155546 20131011_155746 20131011_163811 20131011_163350

To be continued……..back to Buenos Aires and the last half of my Dads visit and my stay cay.

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