Summer 2013 Eurotrip begins in 5 days

I have learned one valuable lesson in trying to arrange this trip “PLANNING IS OVERRATED” every time I had a plan something changed.  It is almost impossible to try to plan an extended vacation around two busy careers both of which schedules change rapidly.  Those of you who know me well know planning is not a strong trait for me…usually flying by the seat of my pants is my game plan (sometimes that works and sometimes well there are entertaining stories that follow the disaster that ensues).  So, after changing the itinerary several times (dates, cities, places etc) there is finally a schedule:  who knew planning a three week Eurotrip could take more time, revisions, thoughts, and research then my latest biotechnological marvel.  Yes I think I will happily keep my day job.

I hope to update the blog frequently with hotel info, sightseeing adventures, new places discovered, perhaps some entertaining stories, and of course (most importantly) the food and drinks enjoyed all with photos as I realize pictures can do justice to things that I just don’t have the words for.

Summer 2013 Eurotrip:  The itinerary which is always subject to alterations at anytime.  

  • Depart Buenos Aires (July 26)
  • Amsterdam, the Netherlands (July 27-30)
  • Night train to Prague, Czech Republic (July 30)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (July 31-Aug 3)
  • Bratislava, Slovakia (Aug 3-Aug 5)
  • Budapest, Hungary (Aug 5-Aug 9)
  • Slovenia (Aug 9-Aug 17)